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The Buffett Center facilitates collaborative interdisciplinary scholarship on crucial problems facing the world. Our activities promote dialogue on international affairs enriching the educational program at Northwestern University and beyond. Working with a variety of organizations and communities we contribute to preparing global citizens.


Friday, September 26
Indonesia's 2014 National Elections
Jeffrey Winters, Political Science
12pm at the Buffett Center

Tuesday, September 30
Buffett Center Open House
4pm to 6pm at the Buffett Center

Wednesday, October 1 
The New Arabs: How the Millennial Generation is Changing The Middle East
Juan Cole, History; University of Michigan
6pm at Scott Hall 212

Friday, October 3
Ukraine: the Maidan and After
Yohanan Petrovsky-Shtern, History
12pm at the Buffett Center

Friday, October 3
Philanthropy as A Driver of Global Development
Howard W. Buffett, Columbia University
2pm at the Buffett Center

Tuesday, October 7 
The Psychology & Neurobiology of Poverty
Johannes Haushofer, Psychology and Public Affairs; Princeton University
7pm at the Buffett Center

Friday, October 10
The Tactics of Beauty, The Alchemy of Blackness, and The End of Violence in Urban Landscapes
D. Soyini Madison, Performance Studies
12pm at the Buffett Center

October 10-11
Keyman Conference: Comparative & Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Field of Turkish Studies
All day at Guild Lounge, Scott Hall

Monday, October 13 
Education as a Path to Global Engagement
Nicholas Kristof, The New York Times
7pm at the Cahn Auditorium

Thursday, October 16
The Politics of Religious Freedom in the Mediterranean: Between Arab Spring and European Autumn?

Alessandro Ferrari, University of Insubria
12pm at the Buffett Center

Friday, October 17
Credit Ratings, Quantification, and Global Economic Governance
Bruce Carruthers, Sociology
12pm at the Buffett Center

Friday, October 17 
20th Anniversary Event: From NU to Global Careers: Lessons from Global Engagement Alumni
Buffett Center Alumni Panel
5pm at the Buffett Center

Wednesday, October 22
Child Migration and Human Rights in a Global Age
Jacqueline Bhabha, Harvard
7pm at Guild Lounge, Scott Hall, Guild Lounge

Friday, October 24
The Politics of 'Making a Difference': Teaching/Learning in the Narratives of Medical Volunteers in Tanzania
Noelle Sullivan, Global Health Studies & Anthropology
12pm at the Buffett Center

Thursday, October 30
Spiritual Governance: The Chaplain as Priest of the Secular
Winnifred Fallers Sullivan, Indiana University
12pm at the Buffett Center

Friday, October 31
The Rise and Fall of History in West Africa: Higher Education and Nation-Building, 1948-1990
Sean Hanretta, History
12pm at the Buffett Center

Wednesday, November 5
Europe and the Challenge of Religious Diversity: The Case of Muslims in Italy
Alessandro Ferrari, University of Insubria
5pm at Harris 108

Friday, November 7
The ISIS Threat: Myth or Reality
Nabeel Khoury, Buffett Visiting Scholar
12pm at the Buffett Center

Wednesday, November 12
Comfort Women: WWII Sex Slaves, History, Legacy, and Impact on East Asian Relations
Bonnie Oh, Georgetown University
7pm at Harris 108

Friday, November 14
Ethnic Trading Communities and Roman Long-Distance Commerce
Taco Terpstra, Classics
12pm at the Buffett Center

Tuesday, November 18
The Twilight of International Human Rights
Eric Posner, University of Chicago
7pm at Scott Hall 212

Friday, November 21
The Needham Question Revisited: China, Europe and the onset of Modern Economic Growth
Joel Mokyr, Economics and History
12pm at the Buffett Center

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Alessandro Ferrari among a dozen Visiting Scholars Joining the Buffett Center this Fall

Alessandro Ferrari

Ferrari, University of Insubria, works on Islam in Europe; secularism and laïcité; and religious freedom in Europe and the MENA countries. He will deliver a public lecture on Muslims in Europe on November 5.

He is teaching on Islam in Europe and Islam and Contemporary Constitutional Developments in North Africa in the Political Science department.

See full bios of all new fall visiting scholars.


Thomas Pogge Webcast

Targeting Institutional Human Rights Violations
Thomas Pogge argues that protectionism, monopolies on seeds and medicines, and tax havens must be challenged to solve global poverty.

Myriam Denov Webcast

Child Soldiers: Sierra Leone's Revolutionary United Front
Myriam Denov examines the militarization and reintegration experiences of former child soldiers.

Tariq Ramadan Webcast

Islam and the Arab Awakening: A Panel Discussion with Tariq Ramadan
A discussion with Tariq Ramadan and Northwestern’s Jonathan Caverley, Rachel Riedl, Storer Rowley, and Hendrik Spruyt.

Steve Radelet Webcast

Emerging Africa: How 17 Countries Are Leading the Way
Steve Radelet, USAID, examines economic growth, deepening democracy, improved governance, and decreased poverty in Africa.

Francis Fukuyama Webcast

The Origins of Political Order: From Prehuman Times to the French Revolution
Francis Fukuyama, Stanford, analyzes the global history of state formation.

Esther Duflo Webcast

Esther Duflo » Poor Economics: A Radical Rethinking of the Way to Fight Global Poverty
Duflo shares MIT's Poverty Action Lab findings about what works in international development.

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