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Housing and Meals

Students will stay at Dum Jeronyma Prazskeho (Jerome House), a newly renovated university dormitory located in the center of Prague. Accommodations will be in double bedroom suites, with shared bathrooms and kitchen space. All rooms are equipped with phones and computer outlets. Daily breakfasts are included in the cost of the program. Students should budget extra for lunches and dinners.

Flight Arrangements

Students must make their own travel arrangements to arrive in Prague, Czech Republic on June 18, 2012. Following the program's completion, students are free to remain in Europe and return to the U.S. from a different city.

Program Cost

The program cost for summer 2012 is $ 8,600. This fee covers tuition for two courses, Prague housing in double rooms, breakfast, access to all university facilities, on-site transportation, excursions and orientations.

Health and Safety Abroad

The Study Abroad Office is committed to ensuring the safety and health of Northwestern students as they study abroad. We highly recommended that you use the resources below when considering your study abroad plans.

Monitoring World Events
Northwestern monitors all public announcements and travel warnings issued by the U.S. State Department. This page provides an overview of the precautionary procedures that the Study Abroad Office follows when such a posting is issued.

International SOS
Northwestern requires all study abroad students to register with International SOS. This free service provides students with access to an array of health, safety and other vitally important travel information and email alerts.

Study Abroad Health Insurance
Northwestern requires all students to have HTH health insurance coverage for the period of time they are studying and traveling abroad. This page explains the requirement more fully.

Mental Health Abroad
Northwestern has many resources for students with mental health conditions, including those who are planning to study abroad. Information about the unique challenges one might face abroad, what to consider when discussing study abroad options, and how to determine if support services are available abroad are found in this section.

H1N1 Influenza
This web page provides information on Northwestern's plans and procedures in response to the H1N1 virus and links to helpful resources.

Before Departure

While Abroad

  • Follow the advice of the on-site staff.

  • Stay abreast of local conditions.

  • Seek additional information regarding your study abroad country and any other countries to which you plan to travel.

  • Monitor your own health.

  • Stay in touch with your program, the Northwestern Study Abroad Office, International SOS, and your parents, should a crisis arise.


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